Revolutionising the Superyacht Experience with Videoworks

June 13, 2018 Christina Tsangaris

Revolutionising the Superyacht Experience with Videoworks

From speakers and subwoofers, tech services like MyConcierge for ordering on board to user friendly CCTV and navigational data, Video Works encompasses a range of stand out systems that revolutionise the yachting experience. Here to speak with us is Sara Stimilli, Marketing and Communication Director of Videoworks whose Yacht Service Division is thriving more than ever before....

You have just expanded with a new laboratory, do you have any other 2018 agendas in place for growth of productivity?
2018 is the year in which, thanks to the update to the “officina”, Videoworks will be able to double its production capacity and, above all, improve the quality of service to the end clientele. 

Furthermore, the recent creation of the new division totally dedicated to yachting product service, the Yacht Service Division, is also to keep into consideration. This division consists of three interconnected service environments: on call after-sales service (both under guarantee and post-guarantee), scheduled maintenance contract management and refit management.

Tell us a little more about your Yacht Service Division?
The Yacht Service Division will ensure non-stop service beginning with installation of the first integrated system up to the refit of the same, with the possibility to upgrade the systems throughout the entire life of the vessel.

On the other side, from a commercial point of view, Videoworks has opened its Dutch company, the Videoworks Europe BV, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam, with legal residence and operations office in Aalsmeer (Raadhuisplein 3), in the north of Holland, a region renowned for its shipbuilding industry. Aalsmeer, a few miles away from Amsterdam, was chosen for being one of the headquarters of the prestigious shipyard Feadship.

Adapting technology to the yachting world requires a resolution answering to both functionality and aesthetic?
A perfect example of adapting technology to the yachting world are the new audio products by James Loudspeaker designed specifically for marine applications (for external and internal application on the yacht).

These special speakers and subwoofers are totally made out of marine grade aluminium (totally waterproof), have an integrated DSP and amplifier and are totally color-customizable. The product offers top quality audio experience and is constructed for strength, sonic performance, and durability. They have a sleek design can be flush-fitted to be as unobtrusive as possible.

How do tech services like MyConcierge and other devices, revolutionize how guests experience service on board?
The ITWmode App is easily downloadable from the Stores and it is totally free. Thanks to this APP, Videoworks can meet every owner and guest needs. Thanks to MyConcierge for example, you can have a five star service onboard, wherever you are, with a simple click. The owner and the guests can order refreshing cocktails or snacks from the menu. The orders will arrive directly to the Chef and the Crew, with a simple alert that can be easily heard and shown on every touch panel, personal device and wearable device (watches and Google Glasses). Moreover, the Chef can update the menus with suggestive images, autonomously and in an easy way!

What about MyInfo, tell us a little bit more about that?

Also the MyInfo service (still a feature of the ITWmode app) has received a major update lately: It is a fully integrated entertainment-infodomotic system able to perform multiple tasks and visualize the information on an iPad, iPhone or Apple TV.

Intuitive, user-friendly and customizable, MyInfo can be used to control, CCTV, charting, navigation data, and more. Now even more functionality has been added to the system with the introduction of MyInfo Remote for cloud access to all the above services. Anywhere, anytime… all you need is an Internet connection.

If owners are away from their yacht, for example, they can view it remotely with the Track & View function that monitors the route of the yacht over the last 12-24 hours. Furthermore, the “Seagull” feature provides real time, 3D viewing of the boat.

They can do the same with the 3D Info Service function that displays a chart with the current position of the yacht, together with the closest points of interest such as restaurants, shops, local sights, and so on.

Revolutionising the Superyacht Experience with Videoworks
Lighting for Perini Navi's S/Y Seven by Videoworks. Photo cred: Giuliano Sargentini - Perini Navi
Revolutionising the Superyacht Experience with Videoworks

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