Latest Lifestyle News: Monaco Insight Keeps on Coming

October 16, 2017 S. Liu

Latest Lifestyle News: Monaco Insight Keeps on Coming

The Monaco Yacht Show may have come to a close more than two weeks ago now, but the steady stream of video interviews from the docks of Port Hercule continues at – little wonder given that we conducted more than 80 of them across the 4-day event.

Headlining the newsletter this week is our Monaco interview with FunAir, market leaders in the creation of slides, climbing frames and a whole variety of innovative toys that can be physically attached to superyachts.

FunAir were in Monaco to unveil some of their latest creations, and we enjoyed a fascinating sit-down chat with John Courtney, the company’s Chief of Yachting, to find out more about the company, their new designs and the sense of fun and adventure they bring to the yachting experience.

Also from Monaco this week, we bring you interviews with luxury asset law firm Bargate Murray on servicing the ultimate luxury asset, submersible manufacturers Triton on enhancing the yachting experience, and private aviation company DC Aviation on the synergy between luxury yachts and luxury jets.

There’s also luxury news from beyond the principality, including a profile of the brand new Bulgari hotel that recently opened its doors in Beijing, and a ground-breaking new partnership between Triton Submarines and British luxury car brand Aston Martin.

Finally, we bring you a report on the announcement that Ferrari are set to join the ranks of luxury car makers entering the SUV segment, as well as a new luxury resort in Zanzibar set to feature a superyacht marina.

That’s all for now. Enjoy our newsletter and have a wonderful week.

Latest Lifestyle News: Monaco Insight Keeps on Coming

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